March 9, 2012

The Many Sides of Me

I’m at peace, but not fulfilled
Confident, but unaccomplished
Driven, but unaware to where
Grateful, but still determined

I’m not lonely, but I am alone
Not without love, but still not in love
Not without gifts, but what good are they without giving
Not without friends, but most are far away

I am not young, but not old
Not frail, but very careful
Not aloof, but a recluse 
Not religious, but not atheist

I am lucky, but not always
Eccentric, but not narcissistic
Liberal, but not gullible
Kind, but not always to myself   

I am not perfect, nor pure
Nor the worst one here
The best I can be is to simply be me
And better the faults that I do see 

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